Our Staff

AJ Waters - Owner

AJ started skateboarding at the age of 12 and hasn't stopped since. After riding their local indoor park as a teen they saw the need for an indoor skatepark in Portland and opened Stronger Skatepark in 2019. AJ is often working both behind the scenes and behind the counter. AJ lives in Portland with their spouse, son, leopard gecko, and 4 rescue dogs! 

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Jamie Brown - Manager and Skateboard Coach

Jamie began skateboarding when she was just a month shy of turning nineteen. After growing up in a small town where skateboarding was frowned upon, she decided to move to the Portland area in 2011 where she could immerse herself into an accepting skateboard community.  

Jamie is a skateboarding coach and also helps manage Stronger. She’s been involved as a volunteer and employee with Skate Like a Girl PDX for 8 years and has been coaching people of all ages since. Along with skateboarding she enjoys snowboarding, mountain biking, and being outdoors!

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Tim Ennis - Works in the Shop and Builds Stuff

Tim started skateboarding at 40 and fell in love with it. He loves building ramps, and is also an avid snowboarder and mountain biker. Being dad to two little rowdy shredders takes up the rest of his time.

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Kianna Castro - Shop Employee and Skateboard Coach

Kianna started skateboarding when she was 12 and always loved skating the kicker and rail her dad built. She helps out in the shop as well as coaching at camps and private lessons. Kianna enjoys making films, snowboarding, surfing and camping with her fiancé.

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Kai Lichtenwalter - Skateboard Coach

Kai is a Portland native who has been skateboarding for his whole life. He is stoked to have been a part of the Stronger team since the beginning, when he volunteered at Stronger's opening day. Kai is now a skate coach who teaches private lessons, camps, and group lessons. He loves to watch people make progress, gain confidence and get comfortable with skating, but most importantly likes to encourage them to have fun! When he is not skating, Kai loves surfing with his surf team, traveling the world, and finding new adventures. 

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Rochell Jubert/Gal Of Fray - Roller Skate Coach

Rochell, who goes by Gal of Fray in the roller skate world, has been roller skating since she was a young teen. Her roller derby career has taken her to the world championships with the Rose City Rollers Wheels of Justice. She is recognized as one of the top derby skaters in the world.

Gal also loves park skating and has traveled the world to skate and coach. She is sponsored by Ridell Skates and 187 Killer Pads. 

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Tabor Satya - Scooter Coach

Tabor is a 17 year old scooter rider from Salem, Oregon. He picked up a scooter at 14 and never looked back. Tabor is always pushing himself for new tricks. He loves getting to know people and helping people to achieve their goals.

Tabor enjoys helping kids learn how to ride scooters and building the next generation of riders. Tabor lives in Portland and Salem Oregon with his family.

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