The Park

We update the park regularly so the exact layout may vary slightly from the images here. 

Overview of wooden skatepark featuring various obstacles.

The main street course area. The left side features many moveable obstacles to create unique set ups each time you skate. Photo by Bryce Kanights

Overview of indoor wooden skatepark

Street course view from the other side. The park is designed to be accessible to new skaters while still being fun for advanced riders. Mellow quarter pipes allow you to turn around or transfer into the mini ramp waiting behind. Photo by Bryce Kanights.

Smaller wooden ramps at an indoor skateparl Another shot of some of our moveable items. The manny pad is about 7" tall. The ledge is 11" tall. The manny pad can be stacked on top of the ledge to create an 18" tall ledge! The ramps against the short wall can be taken out to make a 2' tall spine ramp. The rail in the foreground is 11in tall. Photo By Bryce Kanights

A wooden half pipe. 5 Feet tall in the foreground, 4 feet tall in the back.

Our halfpipe is one of the most fun mini ramps in the Portland area and many people come just to skate this ramp. The main ramp height is 4' and the extension is 5'. The wall ride and mini quarter on the top allow more advanced riders to create endless lines. The wall on the right is re-enforced for stalls and other tricks. Photo by Bryce Kanights. 

Indoor skate ramps. A small banked ramp on the left and a small quarter pipe on the right.
One of our newest ramps our "Beginner" section is fun for everyone. A short mellow bank on the left is the perfect spot to practice rolling in or learning bank tricks. The quarter pipe on the right is very mellow the perfect place to learn to drop in or work on advanced lip tricks before taking them to the bigger ramps. These ramps are seriously fun! Photo by Bryce Kanights.