Envy 4 Bolt SCS Standard Clamp Teal

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Envy has proven themselves to make strong and afforadable products. This SCS clamp is no diferent. If your a fan of the Envy 4 Bolt Clamps design but want to run SCS, Look no further. Now you can with the Envy 4 Bolt SCS Clamps. This clamp will ONLY fit Standard sized bars. To be used with SCS only. The clamp flairs out at the bottom so it sits flush against your pro scooter, replacing the dust cover. This clamp is strong, durable, and one of the nicest SCS clamps on the market.

This clamp now comes with the Envy SCS adapter. This Envy SCS bar adapter cancels the function of a slit in a standard size pro scooter bar so it can be used with SCS compression. It is made of CNC'd 6061 aluminum and anodized black.

Adapter is compatitable with Standard Bars with a inside diameter of 1 1/8" only.