Envy Prodigy s8 Street Scooter Deck

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If you love the new Envy Prodigy street complete, then you will love this deck. It comes in at 20 inches long by 4.9 inches wide with 14.2 inches of foot space. They kept this deck nice and light with the deck base cutout and strong with the new forged headtube.

Weight: 3.7lbs Length: 20" Width: 4.9" Foot Space: 14.2" Material: Aluminum Headtube Angle: 82.5° Axle size Compatibility: 8mm Wheel Diameter Compatibility: up to 120mm Wheel Width Compatibility: up to 30mm ( With aftermarket Spacers ) Peg Compatibility: Yes 12 STD compatibility: No Headtube cut-out: Yes Concavity: No