Lockwood NW Cult Powerply 8.25

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The Northwest Cult is as real as Cody Lockwood's kickflip nose blunts. Real talk - this dude puts in work. For his 4th official Signature board, he brought in friend, ally, nomad, and Creature alumni (ever seen Heshers on the Run?!) Chet Childress for the cryptic graphic you see before you. We're sure Chet first drew this on a napkin at "My father's place" blocks from Burnside mumbling to himself… and that's the beauty of it. For that, we're proud to offer Cody's 'NW Cult' 8.25" utilizing the latest Powerply Construction with a Black to Green veneer fade and matte finish worthy of his concrete soaked shoes. What is Powerply Construction? Patent-pending Powerply technology features two layers of reinforcement material in the nose and tail, replacing the crosser wood plies of a standard 7 ply deck: chip-resistant, firm pop.