Quad 101 Beginner Clinic w/ Amber Haze

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This all ages clinic is specifically for new quad skaters at the skatepark. Skaters should feel comfortable skating on flat ground to be able to take this clinic. The Beginner Quad 101 Clinic will focus on fundamentals that will support confidence and safety in a skatepark such as skatepark etiquette, stable forms and postures, how to fall safely, how to stop, how to use your toe stops, pumping and carving on a ramp, rolling down different sized banks, dropping in on a quarter pipe, jumping, beginner stalls and so much more.

Clinics currently max out at 10 students and students will have the entire park to themselves. Helmets, knee pads, wrist guards and elbow pads are highly encouraged. Helmets are required for skaters under 18. All participants must have a waiver on file. 

Masks are REQUIRED in our facility even while riding! If you need a break from your mask you will need to step outside. Limit of one guest/guardian per rider. 
Masks must be at least two layers thick and properly fitting over the mouth and nose! No single layer gaiters, bandanas, or masks with vents will be accepted. 

No eating in allowed in our facility currently. 

No Refunds without 24 hour notice of cancellation.