Quad 102 Beginner/ Intermediate Clinic w/ Amber Haze

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This all ages clinic is specifically for beginner to intermediate quad skaters. This clinic is ideal for skaters who are becoming or are comfortable dropping in, however it is not necessary to drop in to participate in this clinic. The Beginner/Intermediate 102 Quad Clinic will focus on tricks that will take your skating to the next level with a variety of front side stalls, backside stall progressions, half cabs, full cab progressions, frontside 360's on the transition, toe stop stalls, fakie stalls, airs, frontside slide variations, deck trick variations, 180's off the coping, learning how to skate a box, skating over a spine and so much more.
Clinics currently max out at 10 students and students will have the entire park to themselves. Helmets, knee pads, wrist guards and elbow pads are highly encouraged. Helmets required for everyone under 18. All skaters must have a waiver on file to ride in the park. 

Masks are REQUIRED in our facility even while riding! If you need a break from your mask you will need to step outside. Limit of one guest/guardian per rider. 
Masks must be at least two layers thick and properly fitting over the mouth and nose! No single layer gaiters, bandanas, or masks with vents will be accepted. 

No eating in allowed in our facility currently. 

No Refunds without 24 hour notice of cancellation.