TSI Cheddie Fender

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Compatible with most scooter decks, NOT compatible with Envy decks! 

Lets face it, for must of us a flexfender is just something to keep our foot off the wheel... but anyone who has landed on their brake while fakie or had some kid at the skatepark lock up on it and give your new grippers a flat spot knows that for some folks, it does far more bad than good... So as more of us started going brakeless, we desperately needed to redesign our old footfender from the ground up. Enter: The Cheddie.

  • Chase Robertson Signature Footfender
  • Heat Treated Spring Steel
  • Tension Mounted to Stay Dialed
  • Slotted for Adjustment
  • Black Powdercoat or Nickel Plating
  • Includes Hardware